User Generated Content

Doing Reviews Better

User generated content is any media that, typically, is not created by media professional or journalist. Frequent examples include:  social networking and social media websites, mobile phone photography, podcasting, wikis, and review sites.  Some of the most common outlets for user generated content include Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google Reviews, and the like.

User generated content can be positive or negative.  However, the impacts of negative user generated content has taken its toll on businesses in the last 5 years.  Simply put, it's the modern equivalent of negative "word of mouth".  But, it's accessible to everyone within seconds and available forever.


Reducing negative user generated content in public outlets should be a priority for any businesses marketing and public relations effort.

Most people just want to vent that annoying frustration.  Once they have done that, that's usually the end of it.  Quibble pulls negative user generated content away from public forums.   It doesn't just "hide it" though, it places the feedback into the business owners hands.  In fact, it places all feedback into a neatly organized task stream, so the business owner can do something about it.

Quibble is a tool that can be leveraged to improve customer experience and enhance marketing efforts to protect brand reputation.

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